Some of the excellent feedback we have received from our patients…

“Every time I received a compliment on my new smile, which by the way is every day, the compliments go back to you a hundred fold. Everyone says I have the most beautiful natural teeth and I am constantly talking and sharing with people about how wonderful you are. Again, from the bottom of my heart thank you for my new smile!”

Jeanette Goins, Mrs. US Globe 2006

“Not only have I benefited from the health of my mouth, the changes personally have been fantastic. Previously I was embarrassed to smile or even talk to people because I was sure they were looking at how horrible my teeth looked. Now I love talking and smiling again. I am told it has made me look twenty years younger, which is always a great morale boost. And at work I am told I have a whole new confident attitude in my job performance.”

Dewanna M.

“I was very impressed with the whole experience! From the moment I walked in to the inviting smell, warm greeting, and excellent coffee…to your very thorough and informative, consultation. You and your team made me feel very comfortable, and welcome, but always professional. I am looking forward to many years as your patient, and my new look! What a bonus for me to have stumbled across your website!”

Gretchen D.

“Everyone was so kind, informative, and friendly which created a warm, inviting, cheerful professional and caring environment. I realize that this is a business yet I didn’t feel as if I were looked at as a commodity. I felt as if I were amongst people who valued their profession and didn’t look upon it as a “job”! I’m so happy I found you all.”

Paula F.

“Dr. Fathi has accomplished what was thought to be impossible. She has created, in her practice, a little bit of heaven on earth. Never before have I actually looked forward to going to the dentist! Her office is beautiful, warm, and inviting; like visiting a dear friend’s home. All of her staff are gentle, kind and sincere when the say they are happy to see you. The icing on the cake is Dr. Fathi herself. She embodies brains, talent, superior quality work, and gentle, truly…loving …care. P.S. I fly down from Oregon to see her because there is no one better! Thank you.”

Kristi M.

“I wanted to thank you again and again for the incredible work you did on my teeth. Every single date I go on compliments them, in fact the current girl I’m seeing says that’s her favorite feature.”

Max K.

“It’s been five years since I first called your office. It was a big step for me to look for a dentist. Since then I’ve been able to try dancing on the stage, playing in a jazz band, and try ballroom dancing. Next month I go to Reno for a jazz competition and this week I’ve been here for a dance competition. I’m sure calling your office in 2002 helped me to work through some fear and doubt. Please know that I appreciate the help that you and your staff gave me. I will remember you always. Thank you very much for your care.”

Neil M